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For a healthy community and resilient tomorrow


"Courtney Henderson has a remarkable combination of professional experience and community service that she will bring to the Truckee Town Council.  From her long history working on climate and energy issues, her history as an analyst of complex issues, to her volunteer service and her background in public health, Courtney is a bright, dedicated, and energetic leader.  I am pleased to endorse Courtney to serve on our Truckee Town Council.”

– Steve Frisch, President, Sierra Business Council

"I believe Courtney's background in public health, sustainability, and community engagement will be a huge asset to the Truckee Town Council and people of Truckee!"

Alexis Ollar, Environmental Activist

"I have had the pleasure of working closely with Courtney over the last year. Courtney has the perfect combination of soft and hard skills. She is a real people person who genuinely cares about all the people in her community. Courtney also has sharp analytical skills and is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and dive into a complex technical report. With her background in healthcare and energy policy, she will play a critical role in Truckee's near and long-term future as we weather the twin crises of the pandemic and climate change.“

Matt Tucker, Founder, Rebuild Climate

“Courtney has the education, talent and energy to be a key asset on the Truckee Town Council.  She excels at bringing diverse groups together to seek solutions, working with them to reach common goals.  She’s a proven leader in our region and is committed to seeing Truckee reach its community goals.”

– Theresa May Duggan, Community Organizer


“Courtney brings a fresh perspective and transparency at an important time in Truckee’s future”

– Spencer Cruttenden, President, Elemental Back & Body

“I would like to highly recommend Courtney for Town Council.  Knowing Courtney for many years, I can personally attest to her strong work ethic and absolute integrity.  She is not afraid to back up her beliefs with a commitment of her time and effort.  Her problem-solving practicality and abilities to work with different people and personalities will be of great value to our Council and the citizens of Truckee!”

– Zarko Ilic, Owner, Zanat Construction

  • Mary Hetherington

  • Steve Frisch

  • Alexis Ollar

  • Paco Lindsay

  • Christa Finn

  • Suzie Tarnay

  • Stefanie Olivieri

  • Pam Hobday

  • Matt Tucker

  • David Diamond

  • Jason Graff

  • Keld Laustsen

  • Matthew Cunha-Rigby

  • James Salter

  • Luke Sheppard

  • Paige Faller

  • Alexandra Ball

  • Salli Stayner

  • Gene Schroeder

  • Sid Klovtstad

  • Olena McMurtrey

  • Jessica Lichtig-Groom

  • Anne-Flore Dwyer

  • Janet Atkinson

  • Peter Himes

  • Rick Stephens

  • Sue Sorensen

  • Patty Lomanto

  • Andrea Woodard-Schwartz

  • Maria Marsh

  • Chris Henderson

  • Kristin Bohm

  • Amy Benz

  • Ernest Grossman

  • Katherine Hayes Rodriguez

  • Kathy Echols

  • Brooke Bishop

  • Stephanie McIntosh

  • Celeste Leon

  • Andie Keith

  • Jan Zabriskie

  • Michael Monroe

  • Blair Peterson

  • Jenny Fellows

  • Lois Ermak

  • Charlie & Nancy Riley

  • Cassie Hebel

  • Lorna Tirman

  • Bill Noble

  • Tim Ryan

  • Peter Minett

  • Nancy Holliday

  • Margie LaPoint

  • Matthew Cohen

  • David Hipkins

  • Louise Zabriskie

  • Zarko Ilic

  • Natasa Ristanovic

  • Lisa Wallace

  • Patty Baird

  • Kaila Cruttenden

  • Spencer Cruttenden

  • Theresa May Duggan

  • Sven Klovstad

  • Marc Koplik

  • Alaina Henry

  • Deirdre Henderson

  • Amanda Wentz

  • Craig Shaffer

  • Diana Miglioretti

  • Margo Laustsen

  • Allison Stokes

  • Katie Barker

  • Carol Lindsay

  • Conor Ball

  • Jessica Minkoff

  • John Henry Beyer

  • Bettina Briz Himes

  • Simone Cordery-Cotter

  • Gail Stephens

  • John Sorensen

  • Heiko Mueller

  • Nancy Gisko

  • Dan Minkoff

  • Judith Kline

  • Allison Pedley

  • Kristin York

  • Megan Scott

  • Nicole Baran

  • Adrianne Kimber

  • Eric Smith

  • Babs Marsted

  • Court Leve

  • Jim Winterberger

  • Susan Bloom

  • Tanya Africa

  • Crescent Ferrera

  • Jason Hansford

  • Seana Doherty

  • Jean Brooks

  • Annie Ballard

  • Jennifer Jennings

  • Nancy Wallis

  • Jan Holan

  • Laura Lindgren

  • Michael Floyd

  • Pamela Dickerman




For a healthy community and resilient tomorrow.

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