Improving Public Health & Safety

Covid-19 risk mitigation strategies, overall community health, and long-term resiliency.


I believe we need to be taking a multi-pronged approach to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission, thus promoting the overall health and long-term resiliency of our community, while keeping our businesses and economy open.  As a public health professional, I promise to advocate for these solutions:

  • Work with our local public health officials to develop a holistic community-wide mitigation strategy framework

  • Empower our businesses, organizations, and other institutions to enact appropriate actions to limit the spread of Covid-19, ensuring they have the resources to do so

  • Continue outreach and education on the value of wearing masks and social distancing

  • Ensure appropriate outreach and support services to help our citizens cope with the stresses associated with this unprecedented time



Supporting Economic Recovery for our Local Businesses

Ensure our businesses can thrive and are supported to weather the impacts of Covid-19.


There are tremendous public health and financial impacts if our local businesses cannot stay open.  We need to prioritize Covid-19 risk mitigation: so our business owners and employees can stay healthy, can keep earning their wages, and continue bringing revenue into Truckee via sales taxes. 


I’m already supporting our local businesses.  I served as the Logistics and Volunteer Coordinator for the No-Cost PPE Distribution for Eastern Nevada County.  I’m still spending hours every week, hand-delivering PPE to local businesses that weren’t able to make the pick-up dates.


I also believe we need to be planning for the winter right now.  Winter is likely going to be much harder on our businesses than this summer has been.  I support forming a Task Force that focuses on meeting the needs of our small businesses.



Smart Development

Balance growth while maintaining Truckee’s unique mountain character.


The inevitable truth is that our town is growing.  From 2000 to 2010, our community grew by nearly 17% - from under 14,000 people to more than 16,000 people.  The 2020 Census results are likely to demonstrate continued growth, and I know we’re all feeling the impacts.


I will prioritize balanced growth that meets economic and development needs and goals, and also maintains our town’s unique mountain character and the social fabric of our community.  For many of us, myself included, we fell in love with this town because it truly feels like a community.  We need to ensure we work to preserve that.


Related to development: I’ll advocate for auditing our development and planning processes to ensure we are meeting the needs of our customers and are eliminating stress points where we can.  I know from personal experience putting on a small addition to my home, and from detailed conversations with local architects, contractors, and developers that our planning processes are often challenging.  There are circumstances where this makes sense; yet there are also circumstances where we could work together to streamline efficiencies and reduce costs.  This could have the added benefit of freeing up some of our Town Staff’s time to work on the complicated projects or other issues entirely.



Environmental Stewardship

Fire risk reduction, preserving open spaces for recreation, reduced carbon footprint.


The reality is that Truckee is a front-line climate change community, as are many mountain communities.  I will do everything I can to ensure this beautiful place that we all get to call home remains a healthy, sustainable place to live.  To that end, I will prioritize fire risk reduction efforts.  There are many places within Truckee where we have significant forest fuel, and we must act now to remove fuel that puts our community in harm’s way.


I’ll also advocate for preserving open spaces for recreation, and increased trail infrastructure.  Trails provide numerous benefits for physical activity, health, and wellbeing.  Trails can also serve as natural fire breaks in the event of a wildfire.


I will work hard to ensure we will meet our Town’s commitment to renewable energy.  In 2017, Truckee committed to a 100% renewable energy resolution, which states that our town should be 100% renewable electricity by 2030 and 100% renewable energy town-wide by 2050, and an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.  I will prioritize sustainability and efficiency efforts, alternative transportation options, and infill development and housing.  The future of our community and economy depend on a healthy environment, and we must act now.  I am an active member in Truckee 100% Renewables, and I work with utilities across the nation to help meet their energy goals.  As such, I am uniquely positioned to understand the needs, constraints, and opportunities to help our town to achieve its renewable goals.



Housing Accessibility

Low-income, market rate, and workforce housing that makes it possible for people who work here to live here.


There are many different housing options that Truckee needs to be working on now: workforce housing, low-income housing, market-rate housing so that everyone who works here can also live here.  There is no single solution, and I will advocate for a variety of solutions to meet the diverse needs of those within our community.


As one example, I am supportive of the Town’s promotion of accessory dwelling units (ADUs).  However, I also believe we need identify ways to make it simpler for community members to construct ADUs if this is truly to be one part of Truckee’s housing solution.  Currently, our planning requirements oblige anyone constructing an ADU to bring everything on their property into compliance, even if they purchased that property with non-complying elements.  I believe we should determine opportunities for a reasonable exemption process for ADUs.